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The TechSupport section of the St Vladimir's Seminary website provides information on services and technology at the seminary. These pages are generally geared towards students, but the resources provided will be helpful for faculty and staff as well.


All network and computing services at St Vladimir's Seminary require that you have a personal account. There are no guest or visitor accounts. Use of seminary computing services is governed by Rules & Guidelines.

Accounts are established during orientation week and the following week (for new students) or at time of hire (for Faculty and Staff). Accounts are administered by the TechSupport.

How can I change my password?

When you first come to seminary, you are assigned one username and password on all of our systems. However, you need to change your password in more than one place if you wish to remember only one password.

To change your password for access to E-Campus, Google Apps (E-Mail), and for logging on to seminary terminals, please enroll for and use our Self Service Reset Password Management tool available at http://reset.svots.edu. For security reasons, this tool is only available on our campus network.

To change your password for the Student Portal or our Library's online public access catalog, please use the options provided on those web sites.

Residence Network (ResNet)

St Vladimir's Seminary is pleased to offer Internet service in individual dormitory rooms and married student housing. This network -- dubbed Residence Network (ResNet) -- provides a high speed connection to the Internet and to the complete Seminary Intranet and its resources.

To connect your PC to the seminary network and Internet in your room, you must register your PC.